The Impressive Evolution of the Root Canal in Claremore

A root canal in Claremore could restore the function of your tooth. Root canals have never had a great reputation, especially in the past. Most people assume from rumors or old stories that root canals will be unbearably painful and leave you with swollen jaws and cheeks. Although this may have been true several decades ago, dental arts have evolved. Advanced technology has made great leaps in bounds in the endodontic (specialization of maintaining teeth through the endo-inside of the odont-tooth) world. Now, root canals are centralized around saving your natural teeth in a practically painless way. There’s no reason to be fearful or hesitant if you need a root canal in Claremore. Dr. Ali Torabi is here to help relieve your tooth pain, not create it!

Successful Root Canals

Your Claremore dentist can perform root canal therapy on one or more of your natural teeth if they find that your teeth are dying. How does a tooth “die?” Our teeth are built to last a lifetime, but in certain circumstances, our teeth undergo trauma that may cause an infection. If left untreated, your teeth will start to decay all the way down to the root of your tooth (on the inside below the gum line) and eventually die. Flawless Smile Dentistry offers this “life-saving” procedure to get your oral health back on track! Not only will Dr. Torabi remove all signs of infection, but he will fill and seal the area from ever getting infected again. Bonus: you’ll never have to worry about a cavity in that tooth!

Signs That You Need a Root Canal

There are telltale signs of tooth infections, and unfortunately, these are what cause the tooth pain people tend to associate with root canals (not the actual procedure). You will be able to feel or see symptoms like these if you have an infected tooth:

  • Abscess—Essentially a hole in the jaw bone that shows up as a dark spot during dental x-rays because the bone does not grow in that area. Healthy jaw bones won’t grow in an area contaminated with infection.
  • Fistula (bump) on gums—Typically a white, yellow, or a red pimple looking bump that appears on your gum line. You can tell that this comes from infection because your body is trying to rid the infection by venting it out with bodily fluids such as blood or puss.
  • Spontaneous pain—Tooth pain that occurs from a stimulus, like a hot or cold drink. Sometimes this can also be caused by extremely sweet foods or drinks as well.
  • Positional pain—Tooth pain that occurs when you lie down or suddenly stand up. This can be a sign of an abscess or dead tooth.
  • Referred pain—Pain that not only occurs in your tooth but another part of your body. Additional pain can occur in your jaw, ear, neck, or surrounding teeth.

Advanced Technology Revolutionized Root Canals

The success rate of root canal treatment is over 95%! Thanks to modern advancements, the procedure has improved significantly over the years, making root canal treatment a highly predictable way to treat an infected tooth nerve. These days we have:

  • Tiny nickel-titanium rotary files that are able to access even the most intricate crevices of the inside of your teeth compared to using a scary syringe like in the past.
  • A better understanding of the scientific concepts behind the field and can make the procedure painless both before and after with the use of local anesthesia and over-the-counter medications.
  • Revolutionized biocompatible material to fill your tooth and seal outside bacteria from ever reaching the insides of your tooth again.
  • Not to mention, we use CEREC technology to create a custom, same-day dental crown to cap your tooth!

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Nobody likes the idea of having a dental procedure performed on them, but our office will make the necessary treatments you need comfortably attainable. Dr. Torabi makes the process stress-free from the moment you meet with him for a consultation. Call our office today to see if a root canal treatment could be the best way to relieve your tooth pain.

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