Your Sedation Dentist in Claremore Offers Relaxed Dentistry

How can visiting a sedation dentist in Claremore help your smile? Dental fear is real. Studies have shown that it affects up to 25% of the population—and that’s only patients that have been studied or openly admitted to their anxiety when it comes to visiting their local dentist. Some people may wonder, “Why does a patient’s fear effect their dentist? Why do they care?” Flawless Smile Dentistry cares about each patient’s comfort and works each day to provide a gentle, anxiety-free environment for everyone to receive the dental care they deserve. Most critically, fear is an obstacle that dentists face each day because it results in avoidance of dental treatment. This creates a domino effect to continuous severe dental problems for fearful patients. That’s why your sedation dentist in Claremore, Dr. Ali Torabi, offers sedation services in your local office.

Distinguishing Your Dental Fear

There is a distinction between avoiding dental treatments because fearing pain, fearing a closing claustrophobic feeling, and avoiding discomfort from multiple dental treatments. Whichever reason causes your dental phobia, our office is here to help you get through it comfortably. It’s important to communicate with your dentist to plan for the best-fitting sedation during your dental appointment. By keeping open communication, Dr. Torabi can perform customized sedative-induced dental treatments to optimize your results.

Types of Sedation

Unfortunately, when it comes to fears, dental offices are high on many patient’s lists. Flawless Smile Dentistry offers these sedatives to help fearful patients calm their nerves.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a very light form of sedation. Most patients know it as laughing gas. This is sedative is great for all ages, even young patients that are anxious about sitting in a dental chair or if one of your family members has special needs. Our patients safely inhale the sedative through a comfortably fitting face mask and are monitored by one of dental professionals. Then, Dr. Torabi will be able to perform the dental work you need while you’re in a relaxed state. Nitrous Oxide is so mild that as soon as it wears off, you’ll be able to drive home from our Claremore office!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is usually best for patients needing multiple treatments during a single dental appointment or patients with severe dental phobia. This sedative helps patients deeply relax during their appointments. In some cases, patients become so relaxed after drinking their doctor prescribed sedative that they gently drift off into a calming sleep during their procedure. After their appointment, they tend to recall little to nothing about the appointment.

Visit Flawless Smile Dentistry

If you have dental phobia, you’re not alone. Just about a fourth of the American population experience some level of anxiety when even thinking of visiting their dentist. Dr. Torabi and the rest of our dental team is here to help you maintain a beautiful healthy smile with the least amount of pain or discomfort as possible. Contact our office to see how you or your loved ones can benefit from the help of our sedation dentist.

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