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Invisalign Can Give You a Smile You Can Be Proud To Show Off

Invisalign can get you a smile that’s as straight as an arrow. Have you ever wondered what life would be like with the straightest smile of your life? There are many reasons to want to receive teeth-straightening treatment. First and foremost, a straight smile is pleasant to look at and can make a person’s confidence blossom. For patients that don’t have a straight smile, it can leave them feeling inadequate and will force them to hide their smiles. A smile is something you should be proud to show off, especially if it’s beautiful. We want you to know that we can fix any misalignment issues you may be dealing with.

Our Claremore, OK office has the straightening treatment you’re looking for. Once thought of as the only practical straightening therapy, metal braces have now taken a backseat to Invisalign. Invisalign is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and for good reason. It’s the revolutionary way to straighten teeth in less time without anyone noticing. How does it work? You’re about to find out! Are you ready for Invisalign, Claremore residents?

How Does Invisalign Work?

It’s a virtually invisible treatment method that’s designed to bring straight smiles to mild misalignment cases. Custom-molded clear aligners gradually reposition teeth into their rightful positions. The aligners can be removed any time you want, which allows you to enjoy the foods you love. It’s comfortable technology that’s much easier to take care of and more convenient to wear than traditional metal braces.

We will use a 3D computer equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology to customize a treatment plan. You’ll be able to see what your teeth will look like once you’ve completed treatment. Invisalign is usually worn for 1-2 years, depending on the severity of alignment issues. Aligners are changed out every two weeks until you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Our Additional Cosmetic Services

Having a straight-as-an-arrow smile is wonderful, but it can even more beautiful when you use our other cosmetic dentistry options. Have you ever considered teeth whitening treatment? We carry Zoom! Whitening, and it can help get your teeth whiter in just one office visit. Common results range between 8 and 10 shades brighter! It’s become the most popular cosmetic dentistry service because of the amazing results.

Perhaps there are a couple chipped or misshapen chompers of yours that are causing discomfort. Cosmetic bonding and contouring can help smooth out jagged surfaces and give your tooth the look it deserves. It’s a one-visit procedure that can make a huge difference for your smile.

Want To Beautify Your Smile? Make An Appointment

Our dental staff is standing by and ready to help you straighten your teeth and receive top-quality cosmetic service. Invisalign can make a huge impact on your smile and help you attain a smile that’s super straight. Say goodbye to traditional metal braces treatment and say hello to this state-of-the-art alternative. Dr. Torabi is the cosmetic dentist Claremore residents can trust.








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