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Root canal treatment in Claremore, OK proves effective

Root canal treatment in Claremore, OK Failing teeth regain function with root canal treatment at Flawless Smile Dentistry in Claremore, OK. Dr. Ali Torabi saves teeth with this painless procedure.

When the dentist says, “root canal,” don’t be troubled. Root canal treatment at the Claremore, OK office of Dr. Ali Torabi offers a comfortable and effective way to save a failing tooth. Saving a natural tooth remains preferable to extraction, sparing increased dental costs related to expensive replacements and damage to supporting jawbone and surrounding teeth.


Why root canal therapy works

Your Claremore dentist at Flawless Smile Dentistry possesses the advanced credentials and continuing education hours to successfully preserve natural tooth structure. Root canal, or endodontic, therapy is one such procedure Dr. Ali Torabi employs when a tooth:

  • is seriously decayed
  • causes the patient extreme pain
  • is infected deep within the pulp chambers or “root canals”
  • has suffered traumatic injury
  • is super sensitive to hot and cold

The objective of this traditional procedure is removal of diseased pulp and sealing of the tooth to prevent further damage. The tooth is then crowned to strengthen and beautify it indefinitely.

The restored tooth functions well without the connective tissue, nerves and blood supply that fill the interior chambers. These structures seem more important to teeth as they are developing in children and adolescents than they are to adult teeth.

While root canal therapy has the reputation for being long and agonizing, the exact opposite is true. The American Academy of Endodontics states that this restorative dental service takes only one to 2 short dental visits and usually needs nothing more than local anesthesia to make the patient completely comfortable.

The Claremore, OK root canal procedure

After examining and taking digital x-rays, Dr. Ali Torabi protects the patient’s mouth with a rubber dam, leaving just the tooth exposed. He drills a small hole into the root canal and uses tiny files to remove diseased material and to clean and shape the chamber.

Next, he fills the root canal with an anti-microbial medication to heal infection and then seals the area with a natural, rubbery material called gutta-percha. He proceeds to the other root canals as necessary. Front teeth have fewer interior chambers than back molars. Dr. Torabi then places a temporary filling or crown.

The patient leaves Flawless Smile Dentistry with little discomfort. At home, he should rest for the remainder of the day and take ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed by Dr. Torabi. A soft diet provides comfort for a day or 2. When the patient returns to his Claremore dentist in a week, the tooth is crowned and adjusted for permanent fit and bite.

Keep your teeth as long as possible

That’s the aim of state of the art restorative procedures offered at Flawless Smile Dentistry. Dr. Torab and his team enjoy seeing teeth and gums brought back to full function and sparkling appearance. So, they offer an impressive list of services, including root canal therapy, to keep patients smiles for years. Why not contact the office for an appointment today?

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