Transform Your Smile into a Stunner with Zoom! Teeth Whitening from Dr. Ali Torabi

The truth is, your pearly whites can sometimes look anything but. Whether stains and discoloration occur because of age, genetics, or simply that extra cup of coffee each morning, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed – the last thing you’ll hear from Dr. Torabi and his team at Flawless Smiles is unfair judgment. Instead, we want to be the ones to provide you a safe and effective system that can rejuvenate your teeth and give you the beautiful smile you want and deserve. Used in over 15,000 dental offices internationally, Zoom! Whitening has been proven as a transformative teeth whitening treatment that can remove even the toughest stains and leave you with dazzling results, and you can enjoy its effects right here at our Claremore practice!

How does Zoom! Whitening work?

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable in our office, we’ll place a protective covering over your lips and gums and then apply the special Zoom! gel to your teeth. A special low-heat light will activate the gel, penetrating your enamel in order to remove even the most stubborn of stains. After a quick fluoride treatment, you’ll be finished. It’s really that simple!

The entire Zoom! Whitening process only takes about an hour, and you’ll find afterwards that your smile has been lightened anywhere from six to ten shades whiter, leaving you with a refreshed appearance you’ll be eager to share with the world. Some people even say that they smile continues to become brighter days after their original appointment.

Contact our Claremore, OK today if you have any questions about Zoom! Teeth Whitening, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Torabi. Our team works hard to provide thorough, personalized dental care to smiles of all shapes and sizes. We also welcome new patients from Tulsa, Owasso, and beyond!

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