Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Every year, patients everywhere put off important care because of anxiety. Sometimes that anxiety is rooted in past experiences. Other times it’s born out of a fear of being judged. But the good news is that anxiety doesn’t have to stand between you and a healthy smile.

To help patients overcome anxiety, Dr. Torabi of Claremore offers oral sedation dentistry. With oral sedation, Dr. Torabi can help you enjoy a better sense of comfort and wellbeing without any of the stress you have previously felt.

How Does Oral Sedation Dentistry Work?

The sense of relaxation you’ll feel at your appointment will come from a sedative or anti-anxiety pill Dr. Torabi will prescribe for you. The dosage you’ll take will depend on the intensity of your anxiety and on the care you’ll be receiving. On the day of your procedure, you’ll take your medication as directed to feel comfortable and at ease while at our Claremore dental office.

Other Reasons to consider Oral Sedation

Anxiety isn’t the only reason to consider oral sedation, though. Some patients choose oral sedation because of a sensitive gag reflex, or because they don’t respond to local anesthetics. Still others have neck or back pain that makes sitting in a dental chair uncomfortable. If one of these is keeping you from regular visits or special care, we’d love to help.

Make your oral health a priority this year. With oral sedation dentistry, residents from Claremore and nearby Tulsa and Owasso can visit our practice to experience a new level of comfort during dental appointments. Watch the video below for a patient testimonial.

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